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7b - AR8100 Grease Description

AR8100 is a High Performance Nanoborate Grease AR8100 uses Durasyn PAO Grease with Nanoborate and Fumed Silica AR8100 BIOSYNTHETIC GREASE Our AR8100 grease is formulated for Extreme Pressure and Extreme Environmental applications, eliminates corrosion 100%, readily biodegradable and non-toxic to marine life. ARCHOIL AR8100 has a high extreme pressure agent absorbing loads of up to 4000lbs under 0.037 (90% reduction in wear and the highest EP available). The water washout is so low, around .05 allowing exposure to extreme environments without failure. Its active chemical process creates a instant Nano Particle layer of extremely low friction Nano Particles that chelates over the metallic surfaces. There is instant protection. ARCHOIL Grease is highly adhesive, waterproof, and non-staining. Since ARCHOIL Grease is made with readily biodegradable, bioaccumulation-potential-free and non toxic to life, it can be used in construction, fleets, and heavy industry or on machinery. Use wherever true environmental needs are a priority. AR8100 FEATURES & BENEFITS -Nano lubrication technology - Nanoborate -Extremely low friction surface coefficient of 0.037 -Highest load bearing 4000 lbs (3 times that of other boron based products) -Excellent corrosion protection in marine environments -Shear stability over thousands of cycles -Very high dropping point (-35F to 500F) -Nanoborate replaces all AW/EP additive packages in oil -A true premium quality multi-purpose grease -The latest advanced calcium complex technology -Far superior to moly. graphite and boric acid -Compatible with water -REACH approved ingredients AR8100 APPLICATIONS Applications include O rings gaskets, bearings, gears, valves, universal joints, electric motor bearings, fifth wheels, wheel bearings, pump bearings, heavy equipment, industrial, commercial fleet, railroad, racing, industrial gearboxes, etc.

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