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6b - AR5100 Rust Remover Description

AR5100 WATER BASED RUST REMOVER AR5100 is an organic environmentally safe industrial grade pH neutral rust and oxidation remover that dissolves even the heaviest corrosion from metals and is simultaneously harmless to humans and the environment. AR5100 works through a process called chelation in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with the iron in the rust but not strong enough to bond to the host metal thereby pulling the iron oxide (rust) from the surface. AR5100 totally removes all corrosion on metal surfaces and unlike most other products it does not form a patina or convert the rust to a new base. The rust is simply removed. Once corrosion is removed the surface is ready for a sealant. AR5100 quickly and efficiently removes rust from steel, irons, brass, copper, chrome, and other metals, as well as alloys. It will effectively remove corrosion and work its way to bare metal while leaving other materials – plastics, rubber, paint, etc… unharmed. AR5100 FEATURES & BENEFITS -Fast acting -Ferrous and non-ferrous metals -100% organic and biodegradable -Non-polluting for easy disposal -Non-flammable and non-toxic -Prevent flash rusting -Can be reused over and over -Aqueous & operator friendly -High concentration 1-16 dilution rate -Cost effective -Contains NO acid HOW TO USE AR5100 can be used in many rust (oxidation) operations. Use the table below as a guide for industrial concentrate: Remove any lose deposits or grease Immersion: 16-1 Ratio-1 gallon makes 16 gallons of solution Pressure wash: 16-1 Let soak for an hour or up to 8 MUST ADD WATER TO ACTIVATE AR5100 can operate at temperatures from 65ᵒ F to 160ᵒ F, but works best at elevated temperatures (120ᵒ F to 160ᵒ F) Increasing the temperature decreases the amount of time to remove oxidation, especially on heavily rusted metals. MATERIALS COMPATIBILITY AR5100 has a neutral pH and is safe on all metals AR5100 will not harm plastics, rubbers or paints AVAILABLE SIZES 16oz 32oz Gallon Pail Drum TECHNICAL DATA Appearance-----------------------------------------------Clear liquid pH Concentrate------------------------------------------6-7 Odor--------------------------------------------------------None Weight----------------------------------------------------10.0 lb/gal

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