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5b - AR4200 Firearm CLP Description

AR4200 CLP FIREARMS OIL AR4200 is a cleaner, lubricant and corrosion protection. AR4200 is a unique formulation of synthetic oils and specifically formulated to provide exceptional protection against wear, rust, saltwater corrosion and fouling. The natural solvency of the synthetic oils and nano cleaning additives remove all surface carbon and lead through a chelating process. AR4200 utilizes nano tungsten disulfide (WS2) which is one of the most lubricious materials known to science with a coefficient of friction at 0.03. Velocity increases of 6-8% AR4200 forms a dry and extremely hard surface with a load carrying ability of 300,000 + psi. AR4200 temperature range dry is -105ᵒF to over 1200ᵒF. AR4200 requires no heating or curing. Protects against scratching There is no lead or carbon buildup due to the extremely low COF, the WS2 surface repels dirt, dust and even salt water. WR4200 eliminates jamming and will not gum up or lose its viscosity under extreme temperatures. AR4200 is way superior to PTFE, moly, graphite and silicone based oils. Nanotechnology reduces elements to the level of parts per billion thus covering a very large surface area and enhanced characteristics Biodegradable. AR4200 FEATURES & BENEFITS -Reduces friction and heat -Prevents deposit buildup -Eliminate galling and jamming -Increases velocity -Prevents corrosion -Quick and easy cleaning -Action job performance -WS2 forms an immediate bond AVAILABLE SIZES .5oz with applicator tip 1oz with applicator tip 4oz with applicator tip 8oz with applicator tip Larger quantities are being supplied to Manufactures and Gunsmiths upon request. Needle nose applicator bottles also available INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Step 1 Saturate a cotton patch or mop with a few drops of AR4200. Pass through the barrel 15-20 times. Use long slow strokes ensuring you get complete coverage from muzzle to crown. If required allow AR4200 to work on fouling for 5-10 minutes. Step 2 Apply a few drops onto a nylon brush and run through the barrel several times to loosen any stubborn fouling. Step 3 No need to neutralize, contains no ammonia Step 4 Use 2-3 dry cotton patches and push through bore to remove any excess lubricant. This will also ensure any remaining fouling is removed. Buff off excess for a dry super-smooth and hard surface capable to function in the most extreme environments.

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