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4f - AR6400-G and AR6400-D Testimonies

Harry Johnson reports on how well AR6400 is doing: Some history... The product was originally tested in the EU market because unlike the US, Europe is predominantly a diesel market, with most consumers and virtually all commercial vehicles using diesel. It took 2yrs and many formulation changes to get where it is now, with 100% active ingredients and no fillers, as is with all of Archoils products. The current packaging is 430mL bottles (14.5oz) and these treat between 12-22 gal, so I had to put 2 x (14.5oz) bottles in my 29.5 gal tank to get near maximum treatment % levels. Furthermore and unlike conventional cleaning additives, it contains 100% active ingredients, the very best available with zero useless fillers. Polyetheramine and mid-molecular PIBSA detergents, nano lubricants (product is very lubricious) and combustion catalyst technology, pure 2-EHN cetane improvers etc. These all combine to provide a very powerful product that rapidly cleans the fuel system, removes post combustion carbon, restores MPG degradation, lowers emissions and so on. Results... In my 6.0L PowerStroke it was truly incredible. My first refill at the same station and the same pump, I hand calculated 19.5mpg, that's around town with some freeway driving, it's usually an average of 16mpg. Also the power and performance level increase with this product in your fuel is a whole new experience. When towing heavy trailer loads of hay last weekend my low end power had increased substantially to where it pulled 10k loads of hay uphill effortlessly, same with taking off from a dead stop, lots of torque available. The exhaust tone of the truck was also noticeably cleaner sounding and all gauge readings were in the sweet zone. Two Duramax trucks, my coworkers 06' saw an increase from 21mpg hwy to 26mpg hwy, that has never happened before on his truck. The other owner said his Duramax has not run this good in 50k miles and thinks he is going to get an extra 100 miles out of his tankful. (this is what they actually told me) along with the huge power increases. We gave a client 2 bottles to try in his 06' Cummins that cannot pass emissions testing due to excessive soot opacity, even with it returned to stock tunning, but likely has some bad injectors. Still waiting for the results on this one, haven't heard from him yet. When I received the AR6400-D for testing the results were so impressive that I ordered a bunch more, but sold out locally in 2-3 days, but have more enroute. Archoil is working on repackaging into diesel truck size containers for the USA market, as the ones now are basically car size and have EU market terminology on the bottles. I suppose you could treat a half a tank of fuel with one bottle. Anyhow, that's what's new, take it for what it is, but I believe this product has again without question raised the bar in fuel system and combustion cleaners world wide, even much better than anything BG chemical co. sells (we have tried those too at my work) and has set a new standard industry wide. It offers a substantial increase in power like your running a triple dose of AR6200. It's a once in awhile fuel treatment that keeps things cleaned out, like carbon build up on the pistons and injector tips and upper cylinder head inside the combustion chamber, then it's recommended to maintain the system with AR6200. It's selling huge in Europe, and their fuel is substantially better than ours to begin with, so it's very dramatic on our low grade #2 fuels. They also offer the gasoline version which is just AR6400 without the D designation, the results have been the same in my old Dodge 5.9 gasser pickup as well as many other vehicles we have run it in. I'm usually not one to say anything will increase your fuel mileage but using your right foot lightly, but this product really is impressive to say the least. Harry Johnson Mercedes Benz master certified diagnostic technician ASE certified master technician ASE certified advanced engine performance specialist WA state certified diesel emissions specialist

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