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3b - PRI-G Testimony

David Leone, Product Research, Inc

I am one of your dealers and would like to share my personal experience using PRI-G.

I have a trailered 2140 (approx 24') Robalo boat powered by a 250 HP E-Tec Outboard and a 118 gallon fuel tank. I normally run this boat tuna fishing each year. However, due to medical problems I have not run the boat for 4 years and 8 months. The last time I ran it and gassed it and treated it with PRI-G was July 12, 2007.

Last week (March 1, 20012) we finally took the boat out and had some concerns about the gas quality. I was very surprised when the engine started instantly and ran as though the gas was fresh. We ran at wake speed, slow speed (approx 15 mph), mid range (approx 25 mph) and full speed (approx 35 mph) in the bay and on the ocean for approx 5 hours. Not once did the engine act up, sputter, hesitate or malfunction in any way. We also stopped and restarted several times. Again the engine started instantly. Not once did it have to rotate the starter.

My son, my brother and I were amazed and pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of PRI-G. I had many experienced boaters and mechanics tell me to unload the old fuel and put in new regardless of what treatment I had used. My confidence in PRI and my not wanting to unload and dispose of 118 gallons allowed me to ignore all the advice and give it a try. PRI-G works!

I use PRI-G in my car, boat and all my yard machines plus PRI-D in my truck. I have never had a fuel problem using PRI products.

Now this personal experience allows me to sell PRI-G&D with even much greater confidence.

John F Jensen

PRI's Reply:

Mr. Jensen:

I have forwarded your e-mail to David.

Thank you very much for your feedback. Always great to hear from our clients about their success with PRI chemistry.

The chemistry of PRI-G is the same we sell to industrial users. A few weeks ago, the San Onofre nuclear power plant in California experienced an emergency shutdown, and, of course, the backup emergency generators kicked on to keep the cooling system going in order to prevent a meltdown. Failure rates for standby generators are relatively high, due in no small part to the fuel going bad in storage. But Southern California Edison has been treating their emergency fuel supply with PRI-D for more than 10 years, and this particular fuel was good to go.

When I began formulating for retail consumers ? my thought was to provide them with the same industrial-grade chemistry we provide to all of our industrial clients. Having been a boat owner myself, I know there is nothing worse than being out in chop and having the motor not start. I could never imagine putting our clients at risk by putting out an inferior product. Same goes for our commercial, ocean going ships. We service more than 175 vessel owners worldwide, treating heavy fuel for more than 1,400 vessels. We simply can?t have any fuel-related propulsion system failures.

Thanks again for taking the time to drop us a line. It is clients like you that make us all happy to walk in the door every morning!

Best Regards,

Ralph E. Lewis
Vice President, Technical
Power Research Inc.

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