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3b - New AR6200 Fuel Additive Description

AR6200 FUEL MODIFICATION COMPLEX AR6200 was developed at Bell Laboratories based upon oil-soluble organometallic compounds which won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. It has been engineered to increase the surface area of fuel droplets, and start the burn rate of hydrocarbons at a lower temperature to yield more available BTU’s from the combustion process. The fuel becomes more aromatic (increased chemical stability) and a longer residual burn occurs. Normally, hydrocarbons burn between 800ºF and 1200ᵒF. Beginning the burn rate lower, the lower end hydrocarbons are burnt and the combustion process is more residual and complete, this practically eliminates leaving behind unburned hydrocarbons and wasted energy in the form of black smoke or emissions. AR6200 has been formulated for use in all fuel types including gasoline, diesel fuels, heating oil, 2-cycle, and heavy oils like bunker fuel. It is completely soluble in fuel oils and can be added directly to bulk storage to maintain and/or restore fuel integrity. IMPROVED FUEL LUBRICITY. NEW TREAT RATE. AR6200 Fuel Treatment has recently been modified with a new treat rate. The 16.9 oz (500ml) bottle treats 500 gallons of fuel. The 8 0z bottle treats 250 gallons of fuel. And, the new AR6200 is more lubricious and will better protect your fuel system. Benefits: • Enhanced Lubricity Formula – Protects Fuel System and Injectors • Increases Power and Response • Improves MPG 2-8% (Diesel Engines) • Reduces Smoke & Soot • Reduces DPF Regen Frequency • Dissolves Sludge & Stabilizes Fuel • Maintains Clean Fuel System • Prevents Corrosion and Microbial Growth • Separates water from Diesel Fuel AR6200 is already in use worldwide in a wide array of applications including transportation fleets, furnaces, ships, mining equipment, power plants, generators, etc. It is the singular fuel treatment for addressing all the limitations of today's fuel products.

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