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3b - AR6200 Fuel Additive Description

AR6200 FUEL MODIFICATION COMPLEX For all Carbon Based Fuels AR6200 was developed at Bell Laboratories based upon oil-soluble organometallic compounds which won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. It has been engineered to increase the surface area of fuel droplets, and start the burn rate of hydrocarbons at a lower temperature to yield more available BTUs from the combustion process. The fuel becomes more aromatic (increased chemical stability) and a longer residual burn occurs. Normally, hydrocarbons burn between 800F and 1200ᵒF. Beginning the burn rate lower, the lower end hydrocarbons are burnt and the combustion process is more residual and complete, this practically eliminates leaving behind unburned hydrocarbons and wasted energy in the form of black smoke or emissions. Improved combustion efficiency decreases fuel usage, yields added horsepower and torque, and significantly reduces waste emissions. AR6200 has been formulated for use in all fuel types including gasoline, diesel fuels, heating oil, 2-cycle, and heavy oils like bunker fuel. It is completely soluble in fuel oils and can be added directly to bulk storage to maintain and/or restore fuel integrity. AR6200 FEATURES & BENEFITS -Combustion catalyst increases available BTU yield -SAE J1321 testing documented MPG improvement over 8.2% -EPA Combustion Mass Balance Test MPG improvement Average 8% -Reduces harmful emissions CO, NOx, SO, SO2, & HC. -Demulsifier - separates water from fuel -Biocide - Controls bacteria growth in fuel -Polymerization Retardant -Prevents sludge build-up and agglomeration -Dispersant - Separates pre-existing solids in the fuel -Lubricates the fuel system -Detergent - cleans the fuel system of built up carbon and varnish -Inhibits corrosion, protects key systems -Prevents catalytic oxidation -EPA registered #13720012 -Contains no alcohol -Stabilizer - restores and maintains fuel integrity for many years -Increase horsepower, torque, and fuel economy -Compensates for the downside of biodiesel and ethanol -Lower burn rate for increased energy output -Dramatically reduce re-gen cycles AR6200 contains a dispersant to stabilize and maintain fuel in storage. Fuel oils repolymerize as soon as they are refined. Polymerization forms submicronic particles, as the process continues particles become larger and larger agglomerating into a macroscopic sludge that eventually may plug filters and injectors, more so, negatively affect performance and MPG. AR6200 disperses existing macroscopic sludge and retards further repolymerzation enabling for a more efficient combustion. AR6200 will extend the life of fuel for years, a vital benefit for emergency generator systems. All fuel in storage requires a stabilizer to maintain chemical stability and integrity. AR6200's advanced chemistry package also includes; lubricants to protect the injectors and pump, a critical component for today's low lubricity ULSD fuels; a biocide that effectively eliminates a broad spectrum of microorganisms; a corrosion inhibitor to protect key systems; detergents to maintain clean lines, filters and atomizers; and a demulsifier to separate accumulated water. AR6200 is already in use worldwide in a wide array of applications including transportation fleets, furnaces, ships, mining equipment, power plants, generators, etc. It is the singular fuel treatment for addressing all the limitations of today's fuel products. USAGE INSTRUCTIONS For diesel, gasoline and all carbon based fuels 5ml treats 50L - 13 gallons- 5ml is one hash mark on bottle measuring chamber 1/4oz per 20 gallons 1oz per 80 gallons 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons for: Gasoline and Diesel 1 gallon per 15,000 gallons for heating fuel (1oz treats 120 gallons) 1oz treats 40 gallons for 2 stroke fuel AVAILABLE SIZES .5 oz / 15ml bottle 1 oz / 30ml bottle 4.2 oz / 125ml bottle 8 oz / 236ml bottle 16 oz /473ml bottle 32 oz / 944ml bottle 1 gallon / 3785ml bottle 5 gallon pail 55 gallon drum

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