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2b - AR9100 Oil Additive Description  


AR9100 main purpose of is to reduce friction and wear; extend component life; and to dissipate frictional heat.

AR9100 Nanoborate reduces friction to coefficients of 0.037, half again the friction coefficient of 'micro boron', and a fraction of traditional lubricants like zinc, phosphorous and other additives presently used in popular oil and grease formulations.

AR9100 also has several times the load capacity of both 'micro boron' and far more than traditional chemistries, testing at up to 4000 lbs. on the Falex Pin & Vee Block test.

AR9100 is introduced into the oil and disperses exciting the molecules in the oil, turning it into an extremely efficient high performance lubricant. Friction and wear are reduced at rates nearing 75%.

AR9100 greatly exceeds the challenges presented by today’s tightened fluid system tolerances.

AR9100 Significant reductions in friction also has the highly desirable side effect of increasing the system's fuel efficiency.

AR9100 Nanoborate lubrication reduces the amount of energy required to operate the system.


Autos/trucks, boats, new and used treat at 28.5 to 1, 1.2 oz per quart

Motorcycles wet clutch or not 1.2 oz per quart

Gear oil treat at 10-1, 3.2oz per quart

Hydraulic oil treat at 10-1, 3.2oz per quart

Automatic transmissions treat at 3oz per gallon

Power steering system 1oz

Slip differentials 1oz per quart


8 oz. bottle

16 oz. bottle

32 oz. bottle

1 gallon bottle

5 gallon pail

55 gallon drum

Friction Modifier treat rate for engines is 3.5% or 1oz to 1 quart

Add at each oil change and it will last entire time from 3,000 miles or up to 25,000 miles based on oils condition

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